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18 Main Causes of Hair Loss

By Maisha

Loosing 100 hairs everyday day is normal but loosing more than that is something to worry about. There are many reasons why people start loosing hair. It can be due to aging or due to careless lifestyle. One may have male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness where men are more likely to face balding than women.

Most of the time it's us who are responsible for hair loss and sometimes it's the environment. Among all the causes of hair loss there 18 main reasons why we are loosing hair.

1.Hereditary hair loss

Sometimes one starts loosing hair because it runs in their family. If someone's father's side or mother's side has hair loosing problem then he/she might also have it, though he/she more likely to have it because of his/her parents.


With the passage of time everything changes. The hair growth rate decreases because the follicles don't let them grow fast. 80% men start loosing hair or balding or hair thinning in their late 60's.

Women are less likely to start balding.Their hair starts thinning after menopause and hair growth rate slows down dramatically. Though women's hair loss are less noticeable, they don't become bald completely. Beside these, health, illness and medication are also responsible for hair loss.

3.Male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness

The most common cause of hair fall is balding. According to the American Dermatology, hair loss due to genetics is known as Androgenetic alopecia. Male pattern baldness may happen in any age. One may start loosing hair after puberty or from early 20's or 30's. But mostly a man faces male pattern baldness after 40 or 50. The main reason of baldness is genetics or testosterone( male sex hormones). The main cause of women's pattern baldness is unknown.

4.Female hormone

Hormonal imbalances also cause hair fall. For women, the number one cause of hair fall is hormonal imbalances. Mainly due to imbalanced estrogen hormones. During pregnancy, after child birth and during menopause hormonal imbalances occur. Thus women starts loosing hair.

5.Too much intake of Vitamin A

Anything excess is never good. Vitamin A is very good for healthy hair. It repairs hair and keeps the scalp moist. Many hair loss treatments contain vitamin A as it is thought to stimulate hair growth. But excess vitamin A is bad for both hair and body. If one takes excess vitamin A then it drives the hair follicles to overdrive i.e the hair growth phase reaches to it's end too quickly and then starts falling. If your body is not able to produce hair that quickly then you start facing excess hair loss problems.

6.Lack of protein enriched food

Lack of Proteins will cause serious hair fall and hair damage. Because hair is produced of protein filament called keratin. Protein gives keratin strength and repairs it. Thus protein gives hair structure and helps to grow stronger and longer. That's why protein is necessary.


Stress leads to various physical and emotional health problems. Because stress causes hormonal imbalances and loss of appetite which leads to hair fall.

8.During Pregnancy/ After Pregnancy

A woman's body is filled with various hormones and chemical compounds. During pregnancy various changes occurs in the body. Many hormonal changes occurs that causes hair fall. But most of the time hair falls after the child birth. Because sudden weight loss after child birth puts stress on the body and hair falls a lot for a few months. But this type of hair fall doesn't cause balding. 3-4 months after giving birth, hair fall problem should diminish.

9.Medicine side effects

There care many medicines that as a side effect causes hair fall. such as, birth control pill, acne medication containing vitamin A, thyroid medication, weight loss drugs, antibiotics, anti fungal drug, cholesterol drug, etc

10.Dramatic weight loss

Sudden excess weight loss gives stress to one's body which makes the hair follicles to go in their resting phase which leads to large amount of hair fall.

11.Tight Braids or Pony Tails

Sometimes we make the mistake of tying our hair too tightly which results hair damage and breakage. Hair should be tied loosely. It's better to not tie hair at home. As much as possible, keep it open and free.

12.Polluted water

Now a days both Air and Water are polluted. Thus if we don't protect our hair and cover it when we go out, polluted air will damage it. Not only that, industries are now releasing many bad chemicals in the water which are polluting water. Knowingly or unknowingly we are using it, which is also damaging our hair and causing hair fall.

13.Styling Hair too frequently

Stop heating your hair too often. Excess heat damages hair and also causes split ends. Use good hair products to save your hair from damaging. Most importantly avoid using unnecessary hair products and heat frequently. Love your natural hair, because it suits you the most.

14.Using Hair products too much

Use hair products as per needed. Hair products contain many chemicals that gives immediate good result but afterward causes great harm to hair. Hair fall and damaged hair are common scenario for those who uses too much hair products. Hair products contain Vitamin A which is good but excess vitamin A causes hair fall. Stop using shampoo too much or regularly. Try to shampoo hair 3-4 days per week. Also avoid using hair styling products all the time, use it occasionally.

15.Not buying and using Hair products carefully

Shampooing hair everyday causes hair thinning. It also weakens hair. Shampoos that contain silicone are harmful for hair. Avoid those shampoos. Hair dye contains chemicals that are harmful for hair. Hair dyes contain ammonia or peroxide which causes hair fall and excess use of Hair dye damages hair. So buy your products cautiously.

16.Hot water shower

Hot water opens both skin and hair pores. So if you take Hot water shower, don't wash your hair in hot water. Hair root becomes weak and hair comes out easily. Thus hair falls a lot.

17.Using small toothed Hair brush or comb

Small toothed combs or brushes easily pulls hair out from the root. So you should use big toothed comb or brush.

18.Brushing wet hair with small toothed comb or brush

One must never brush wet hair. Wet hair roots are weak and hair comes out easily. And on that time if someone brushes hair with small toothed comb then comes a disaster. I mean't hair falls a lot, even the strong root hairs.

These are the main and common causes of hair fall. There are many treatments available for hair fall. If you have something serious like balding then conduct a dermatologist as soon as possible. Other than that You can also see my blog post 5 Easy Home remedies for Hair fall