6 Steps to get a Glowing Skin

Every woman wants glowing skin. No matter how much makeup you use to hide your flaws at the end of the day you have to come back to reality . So natural beautiful glowing skin should be your aim . Now  glowing skin is not an easy thing to have over night . But I will give you the fastest yet easiest ways to get  healthy beautiful glowing skin.

1. Sunscreen

     Before you run for getting better skin you must first protect it from getting anymore worse. So you must buy a good sunscreen that suits your skin type. 
  • Apply sunscreen everyday .
  • Apply sunscreen at least 30 mins before getting sun exposed.
  • Buy the product very carefully and that matches your skin type.
  • Buy sunscreen with SPF of 30 or higher .
  •  Reapply sunscreen approximately every 2 hours .

 2. Face cleanser

     This is a must. You must clean your skin before applying anything on your skin .

  • Buy a cleanser that is your skin type and suits it .
  • Wash your skin every morning and every night.
  • Don't use face wash too often. Use it when needed only in the day time. 

3. Moisturizer

  Now you must keep your skin moisturized always . Use moisturizers not only in winter but in all seasons.

  • Apply moisturizers daily after washing your face.
  • Don't wait for your skin to dry .
  • Don't moisturize your skin too much.
  • Buy moisturizers according to your skin type.
  • If you have dry skin apply heavy moisturizers.

 4. Vaseline petroleum jelly

       Now this is the real secret to a glowing skin . Apply it on your clean face at least 3 days a week. If you have dry skin then apply it everyday.

  • Wash your face properly before applying anything.
  • Apply Vaseline petroleum jelly on your face every night before sleeping. 
  • Clean your face in the morning properly and you will see the result within a few days.

 5. Face mask

    No matter how many products you use, your skin need natural nutrition.  Natural ingredients give the best result .

  • Apply pure Aloe Vera slices on your skin .
  • Drink any Aloe Vera juice.
  • Apply cucumber slices on your skin and on your eyes.
  • Drink any type of cucumber juices.
 6. Water


  • Drink 8-9 glasses of water daily.
  • Avoid drinking too much water at night before sleeping.
  • Don't drink too much water at a time .

                 These are very easy and useful tips to get a very good looking healthy glowing skin . Follow this routine DAILY . You will find a clean, beautiful and younger looking skin.


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