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For those who crave for highlighters, Makeup Revolution came with a Brand new liquid highlighters for them to glow out of this world. They launched 7 stunning shades of highlighters. These highlighters are very concentrated and highly pigmented. The packaging is gorgeous and so is their highlighters. It was launched on 23rd August 2017. It's available NOW online at  only for £6. And it will come soon to on 20th September. It will also be launched in ultrabeauty and distributed globally in October.

The highlighters are so good and gorgeous that you can actually use it in many ways. You should use these highlighters on the high points of your face with a synthetic brush or sponge. If you want a full face highlighter, you can mix them with your favorite foundation for a luminous finish. And if you are someone who wants to glow all over the body all day long, you can simply mix these highlighters into your body lotion and face cream. You can even use them in your bare skin days too. No wonder these highlighters will fulfill all your glowing demands.

So I have included some pictures of the highlighters shades from Makeup Revolution's Instagram account(@makeuprevolution). I hope you guys like it and try them out and do let me know in the comments section below what you think about them.

Makeup Revolution Liquid Luster Gold

This stunning Highlighter is a Metallic Bronze Gold.

Makeup Revolution Liquid Unicorn Exiler

This has a beautiful reflective iridescent lilac liquid glow. It gives a pearlescent iridescent glow.

Makeup Revolution Liquid Luminous Gold

 This one is luminous white gold.
Makeup Revolution Liquid Bronze Gold
 This ine is a stunning metallic Bronze Gold.

Makeup Revolution Liquid Rose Gold

 This is a highly reflective Rose Gold liquid highlighter.

Makeup Revolution Liquid Champagne Gold

 This is a stunning Metallic Champagne shade liquid highlighter.

Makeup Revolution Liquid Starlight

This is a beautiful white pink liquid highlighter.

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