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5 Apps you must have in your Phone in 2020

By Maisha

There are tons app being released every year, infact every month, no hour. It's hard to find the right app for yourself that you need or that you have been looking for.

Well don't worry I have some very useful app list for you that you must have in your phone in 2020. Becaus they are all very useful. Scrolling on your phone won't be a waste of time anymore if you use them.


Pinterest is one of the best app in my opinion. It's way better than Instagram. You will find lots of beautiful images and Ideas in Pinterest. In this app you pin the images you like or that interests you. I guess that's why it is called "Pinterest". Get it? Pin + interest = Pinterest. From makeup to Home decore, you will get almost everything here in Pinterest.

Pictures are also linked to websites. If you clilck on a link you will go to the webite that contains the picture which is where I share my blog posts too.

You will love Instagram because you don't have to see weird couple images or weird things people do in Instagram. Pinterset is pretty mature. Whenever I get tired of Instagram I scroll though Pinterest.

Pinterest is far more useful and healthy.


Another App to replace another greate site. Quora is the next biggest google. It isn't really a browser. It is a Q/A site where people ask questions and get answers from general people, i.e quora users. The best part about quora is you get raw and practical answers freom people. You get to see different people's perspective. It's not like google where you read bloggers bias posts.

For example, If you want to know what it is like to live in Bangladesh, you google it and read bunch of blog posts that may not be true or acurate. But if you ask in quora alot of people will answer and share there experience. In this way you actually get know the people, place and life in Bangladesh.


The World is a small place now, Literally. You can easily travel and live in a foreign country. But not all copountry is an english speaking country. Not everyone in countrry can speak in English. Infact in some countries people refuse to speak in English even if they know English. So it's alwas better to learn a differnt/new language.

It's never too late to learn a new language. You can start any time for free in Duolingo. There a lot of language option. For example, I myself am learning German. It is very common in EU, which will make it easy for me to travel in countries where they speak Duetch(German).


Flipboard is a news aggregator and social network aggregation company. It is more like a magazin of blogs, news and articles. I really like it because it gives a lot of useful posts. I found it useful. You can try downloading it to see if you like it or not.

Water Drink Reminder

The title itself says a lot. Yes, you must have a water drinking app. I found it very useful. Why? you ask, well Itreminds to drink water almost in every hour. Also it keeps record of my weight, which is very useful.

Because if you drink water at least 8 glasses everyday, you are bound to loose weight. I have lost a lot of weight beacuse of drinking huge amout of water.