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Best Coding Text Editor for Front-End Web Developer

By Maisha
12 March 2019

Today we are gonna talk about Coding Text Editor not IDE. Text Editors and IDE are very different things.

As a Front-End Web Developer finding a proper Text Editor is not so hard. You can literally design a complete website in a Windows Notepad. So, what does a Front-End Developer need? A Front-End Developer needs a text editor that is very much visual. A front-End Web developers Text editor should have the following qualitiesqualities:

Visual Studio Code

In my opinion the Best Text Editor is Visual Studio code. Yes, it is undoutedly the Best for almost everything. It even has some IDE like funtionalities. Almost every web developers uses VSCode. It is very populor and has a very dedicated, active people working to keep it up to date. It is very much beginner friendly. VSCode is a Microsoft Product. It is COMPLETELY FREE. Although there is another product which is an IDE named Visual Studio / Visual Studio IDE, also made by Microsoft, which is not completely free. But you don't really need it (uless you need to work with something that requires an IDE) because the free Visual Studio Code provides everything you need as a Front-End Develoer.

My first Text Editor was VSCode and I loved it. It was very easy to get started with.

Color Theme:

Color Themes of VSCode is actually really good. The syntax coloring of VSCode is really nice and makes it easy to navigate your code. Infact just Click ( Ctrl + F ) and then you can search for the keyword you are looking for in your code. Just type the keyword in the box and click enter and you will see all the keywords are highlighted.

Split Screens

In VSCode you can easily work with 4 split screen running different files at a time working very smoothly and effectively. There is an icon in the top right coner of the screen beside the 3 dots icon. You can split your screen both vertically and horizontally. Just click and hold the tab/file and then move it in the right side of the screen if you want it in the right side and then let go. If you want o split it horizontally then click and hold the tab and take in the bottom of the screen slowly and you will see shadows showing you how the screen will look or where it is going.

Extensions and Packages

VSCode has a lot of AMAZING Extensions that makes coding a lot more fun, easy and fast. VSCode even has some extension that contain features from other Text Editors like Atom , Bracket, etc. So if you use Atom or Bracket, it will be easy for you to transfer to VSCode. There are many extensions for code beautifying, shortcuts, etc.

Live Server

The Live Previwing Optionality is a must as Fron-End Web Developer. While coding to design the website, you need to see how your website actually looks like. For that you always have to save your code and then refresh your website to see it. It is very much time consuming and thus Liver server is there to help you with viewing your code the moment you save it. It is not a built-in feature. So, in VScode you have to install a package named "LIVE SERVER" to get this feature.


VSCode has some AMAZING shortcuts for fast coding. If you are using Atom then it will be very easy for you to get started with Visual Studio Code. VSCode has an extension for getting Atom keymaps and Atom One Dark Theme. VSCode has some built-in shortcuts that are very helpful. Once you get used to VSCode later it becomes hard to start with Atom or Bracket. YouYou can create a div tag with an end tag just by typing ".(name)" . This is a built-in function.

Color Selecting tool

This one is my favorite. It is very useful. When I started using atom it was very dificult to select color. But with Visual Studio Code I can select and edit color of any element just by hovering over the "color:" property value. It's kind of like Bracket but much more easier and faster.

File Icon

The built-in file icons are very beaitiful and noticeable.

Fast and light

When you are gonna work in VSCode you will feel how fast it is compared to other Text Editors.

All these greate funtionalities and features make Visual Studio Code perfect for Front-End Web developments. Still, Everyone has their own personal likes, dislikes and preferences when it comes to coding Text Editor. So, try other text editors also to find which Text Editor is Best for your Front-End Web Development.