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My First Girls Programming Contest | NSU IUGPC 2019

By Maisha

Every CSE student, specially girls, should at least once participate in a Programming Contest. I know I know, CSE is not all about programming. This subject has a lot more to offer and opens many path and has many field open for the students. But I feel like Competative Programming Contest you have to understand and know a lot about programming languages. You get to learn why all programming language is not allowed for Competetive Programming Contest or why some programming languague is allowed and some are not allowed.

How I found out about the Contest

I am part of our university "Active Programming Contest Group" facebook group. Here someone posted about the NSU IUGPC(Inter-University Girl's Programming Contest) season-2 2019. That's how I found out about the contest.

I needed a Team

Well finding a Team is not easy. But there were some girls who were already going to the contest. They could take one more person and they were looking for one more mate and they knew I was looking for a team and thus I was in there team. Tha's how I found a team.

University takes Resposibility

2 girls team were going from our university and thus our University provided us transportation. Paid for our participation and also a teacher went there with us for our safety and any kind of help(not in contest but in general).


You have to practice a lot. I certainly did'nt because I was too lazy and I was new to C programming. There are many websites where you can do different Contests to practice and learn to solve different kinds of problems.

Night before The Big Day

It's better to sleep early. According to a lot of girls request NSU IUGPC did a small pre-contest/ MOCK TEST. The MOCK TEST started at 8pm and ended at 10pm. It was held the night before the contest.

NSU IUGPC(Inter-University Girl's Programming Contest) season-2 2019

NSU Oragnizes this to motivate female programmers of Bangladesh. There are a lot of great female programmers in this country but they don't participate in programming contest. Mostly due to lack of motivation and support. That's why NSU created this platform for female programmers to shine and showcase their talent.

In the 1st season of NSU IUGPC(Inter-University Girl's Programming Contest) a team from BRAC University won and this year a team from Jahangirnagar University won. So your university doesn't matter, you talent matters.

The Big Day

I woke up at 6:30am. I got ready. I took the folloing things:

  1. C programming book(make sure you have ASCII Table in it)
  2. copy with math fomulae and notes

We were allowed to take these things. I arrived at the univesity. From there we got on our university microbus and headed for NSU.

NSU provided some goodies. You will get these goodies in almost every programming contest. the goodies were: t-shirt, note-pad, pen, file, card for recognition. Then we had lunch at NSU, provided by them. After lunch we headed for their Computer Lab. And thus the competition begun.

Group Work

Group work is very important in Programming Contest. When the competition starts you and your team mate must divide the problems among yourselves and start solving individually. Also start from the easier ones that are mostly kept in the start. In our case we solved 3 from the begining, each one of us solved 1.


Timing matters. The faster you solve and the more you solve, better. The moment your submission is accepted the time is added. Thus the faster you solve the lesser time you take and chancce of winning increases. But for each wrong submission you get penalty. Penalty means time will be added to you current total time. Let me explain with an example.

Let's suppose the contest started at 12pm. You solved 1st problem 5 minutes after the competition starts. You solved the 2nd problem at 12:15. Your total time is 5+15=20min. You solved the 3rd problem at 1pm. Now your total time is 5+15+60= 1 hr 20min or 80 min. For penalty a certain amaount of time is added to this time.


It's better to take time properly to solve a problem and then submit when you're sure about it. Sometimes you will get the proper answer in your computer but when you submit it doesn't work because it's actually wrong. You have to think about all possible values and outcomes. Make sure you read the question properly and understand every line.


Well that's something I experienced. Severe Headache. It was because I didn't practice and then suddenly I sat on a Programming competition. It just affected me. I used my brain suddenly too much. NOT GOOD. So don't do it. Always solve programming problems. Everyday. At least 1 everyday.

My take from this Programming Contest

Group work is not easy, specially if you don't get along with your team mates that well. AND THIS IS LIFE. Someone told me that you have to learn to work with people you don't like because wherever you go, it's not like you will like everyone. So you have to learn to wrok with people whether you like them or not. I guess that's part of growing up. I have learned to work with people I am not fond of.

I hope I have shared something that you might find helpful in future or maybe now. I felt the need to share this experience because why not. Different people have different experiences and perspective of different things and that I find it very interesting, you should too.