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Why are we not Satisfied with our Life

By Maisha

We are not happy because we choose not to be. It doesn't matter what we want, what we have or what we don't have. We will always look for ways to make ourselves feel bad about us. Sometimes... Actually most of the time it is us why we are not satisfied in our life. I have pointed some very common and note worthy reasons or causes why we are not or never happy in our life.

Always Chasing after Big

Of course we must aim big, work hard and Chase after it. But most of the time we get so much addicted to chasing after something bi g that we forget to enjoy and relax with what we have gained till now.We need to know that we have a life that ne eds to be enjoyed. We need to celebrate for what we have and be grateful.


Yup! That's something we all know. Greed for money even after having everything a person needs to live a great, happy and healthy life. I mean why though?! Why do you want more when you have everything you need? Want more than we can afford We are always busy looking up on the lastest and greatest stuff out there. Too busy thinking and worrying about falling behind from other in this trends game. So we chase and give up almost everything to get that expensive stuff. This remainds me of the time when iphone10 was released and people started to make memes saying," It's time to sell our kidneys to buy the lastest iPhone".It's seriously pointless and meaningless.

Show off is more important than Noble work

Yup We throw away our money in the water. We spend them on everything and anything. But we never, even for once think about spending a good amount of our money on someone in need. There are many ways we can spend money or lend our hand on something to help someone in need, however we can. Sometimes it's not our fault. It kind of depends on how we were raised Trust me, nothing is more refreshing than seeing a person in need becoming happy for what you have done for them. The happiness you get from helping others is undescribable.

Aimless Life

Everyone has an aim in life, right? No. Not everyone. We all wrote paragraph/essay on "My aim in life". But how many of us actually wrote it because we mean it I have seen people who, after completing their 12th grade, still don't know what they want to be in life. Actually they don't have any aim in life. They lead their life for the sake of living. They study subjects that was good or suggested by parents. These type of people at one point of their life suffer a lot.

Meaningless Life Goal

They chase afte the goal that is most probably set by their parents or set by seeing what others are doing. They go after something they think that's right insted of what they wanted. They Goal for something that means nothing to them. Isn't it obvious why you get tired of doing your regular job where as some people are killing it there.It's because they wanted it and you didn't.

Considering our Life meaningless

At one point of our life we feel hopeless and stupid. Like why do we even exist?! This neglecting behavior towards our life is the reason why we are not satisfied.None can add meaning to our life. Only we can. People can add value to our life but they can not give meaning to our life